Pull Through Injection Systems (PTI)

PTI -203 For Engines up to 1,000 HP

Serving all off-road diesel engines from 100 HP to 1,000 HP, UltraBurn® systems use a patented aerosol technology, which draws air bubbles through a liquid catalyst. This creates a mist that is injected into an engine’s air intake and then pulled into the combustion chamber where it combines with diesel fuel to stimulate and enhance the burn. Please see all products below. All UltraBurn® systems are sized and installed by an Emissions Technology, Inc. (ETI) trained technician. Fuel savings and emission reduction results vary according to use and application. Please see “proof” for more information on product benefits. For information on pricing, please locate a dealer or contact us.

Product Features:

  • 12 to 36 VDC Operation
  • Up to 15 GPH or 30 GPH Fuel Usage Capacity per Turbo
  • Weather & Shock Resistant Case
  • Catalyst Designed to Meet PM Cycles
  • One Year Full Warranty on Delivery System




PTI-103DM (Marine)
100 to 500 HP
(15 GPH per Turbo)
Construction, Mining, Cargo Handling, Agricultural, Drilling, Marine, Small Generators
PTI-203DM (Marine)
250 to 1,000 HP
(15 to 30 GPH per Turbo)
Construction, Mining, Agricultural, Marine, Large Generators