UltraBurn® is one of the most thoroughly tested products of its kind. Numerous independent testing companies and many sophisticated customers have performed impartial, scientifically-valid qualification trials over the years demonstrating the value of UltraBurn® Combustion Catalyst Systems. Six qualification trials performed with customers in four very different market segments are provided below:

Fuel Savings and Emissions Reduction – Customer Qualification Trials

Marine Ferry

  • Average fuel savings over 18% on CAT 3508s Tier I due to increased power that permitted operators to reduce throttle settings thereby saving fuel. Marine Ferry – Trial Summary
  • Black smoke reduction of over 43% on Cummins KTA19-M3s with significant reductions in other harmful emissions due to improved combustion efficiency. Marine Ferry 2 – Trial Summary

Power Generation

Port Handling


Emissions Reduction –  Laboratory Evaluations

Olson-Ecologic Engine Testing Laboratories put UltraBurn® through the rigorous California Air Resources Board test protocols. The result:

  • 13.6% Reduction in Nitrogen Oxides (NOx)
  • 42.8% Reduction in Diesel Particulate Matter (Black Smoke)
  • 58.3% Reduction in Total Hydrocarbons

Analytical Engineering Inc. recorded a 12% reduction in lubricant soot after only 36 hours of use with UltraBurn®.