UltraBurn® Combustion Catalyst Systems are approved for use in off-road diesel engines in a wide variety of end-use applications. This includes construction, mining, oil and gas drilling and production, marine, rail transportation, agriculture, military, and decentralized power generation.

Emissions Technology, Inc. (ETI) offers six models of its UltraBurn® Combustion Catalyst System that have been custom-designed to retrofit all sizes of off-road diesel engines with little or no modification.

Pull-Through Injection Systems (PTI)

Serving diesel engines from 100 HP to 1,000 HP

For smaller diesel engines, UltraBurn® has developed four PTI Systems that use a patented aerosol technology to draw air bubbles through a liquid catalyst. This creates a mist that is injected into an engine’s air intake and then pulled into the combustion chamber where it combines with diesel fuel to stimulate and enhance the burn.

Direct Injection Systems (DI)

Serving diesel engines from 1,000 HP to 15,000 HP

For larger engines ETI has developed the UltraBurn® DI System. By combining a fluid delivery system with patented and proprietary injection technology, the DI System delivers UltraBurn® catalyst into the engine air intake stream to provide  UltraBurn® benefits to larger diesel engines. DI Systems are ideal for locomotive engines, marine vessels, large military vehicles, mining haul trucks, and mid-sized power plants.

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