How it Works

UltraBurn® Combustion Catalyst Systems are nanotechnology-based catalyst injection systems for off-road diesel engines. The UltraBurn® Catalyst increases combustion efficiency, resulting in decreased fuel consumption, reduced emissions, extended maintenance intervals, and improved performance.

Pre-Combustion Injection

Other pollution-reducing solutions for diesel engines are “post-combustion” products because they filter, burn, or alter the exhaust gases. UltraBurn® is much more effective than the alternatives because it is a “pre-combustion” injection solution.

The UltraBurn® catalyst is made of a special blend of platinum and other metals similar to those used in catalytic converters. Nano-sized particles of this mixture are injected as a mist into the engine’s air intake chamber, where they are quickly drawn into the combustion chamber to achieve a more complete fuel burn in the power stroke.

Not a Fuel Additive

Numerous fuel additive products have been marketed to boost diesel engine performance. For various reasons, the results have been disappointing to the end users. As engine manufacturers continue to develop new technology, such as high pressure fuel injection, which allows them to meet the strict Tier 4 standards, the use of fuel additives will be even more problematic.

As mentioned above, UltraBurn® is a “pre-combustion” injection system, therefore the catalyst is not mixed with the fuel.

Synergistic Emissions Solutions

Pollution control systems based totally on exhaust filters or catalytic converters create back pressure on the engine, which makes the engine work harder to achieve the necessary horsepower. Because UltraBurn® reduces “engine-out” emissions, it enhances exhaust-based systems by reducing back pressure and emissions system maintenance for better overall results.

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