What is a Combustion Catalyst System?

A Combustion Catalyst System (CCS) is a scientifically developed system that injects platinum catalyst into a diesel engine through the air intake of a naturally aspirated or turbo charged engine. The catalyst enables a more complete burn of the fuel in the combustion chamber during the power stroke. A more complete burn in the power stroke enables the engine to run more efficiently.

Is the UltraBurn® CCS system a fuel additive?

No, it is not a fuel additive. The UltraBurn® CCS system injects the catalyst into the air stream through the air intake. Once in the combustion chamber, the air, catalyst and fuel are blended to optimize combustion where it is most important.

Will the UltraBurn® CCS products void my engine warranty?

No, installing an after market product will not void a vehicle’s warranty. If, however, the after-market product were proven to be the cause of engine or component damage, this damage would not be covered under warranty and would be the responsibility of the after-market manufacturer. This applies to all non Original Equipment Manufacture (OEM) after-market products such as oil filters, starters, fuel filters, and the UltraBurn® CCS system. For more information see the Code of Federal Regulations for the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act (cite: 16CFR700.10 – Sec. 700.10 Sec. 102 (c))

How do I know what system to use for my equipment?

To determine which UltraBurn® CCS system you need, you will need to know the engine’s maximum rated fuel consumption rate. It is important to note that it is not based on your average fuel consumption, but the maximum rated consumption from the engine manufacture. For example: If you are operating a bulldozer that is rated up to 16 gallons per hour, you will need one PTI-203 unit because this system will handle engines that consume up to 24 gallons per hour. For a full break down on available products, please see Products.

For any engine, check with Emissions Technology or an authorized dealer to obtain the correct specification of delivery system for your engine.

What is the proper disposal for the spent catalyst solution?

Neither the catalyst solution nor any of its components are regulated as hazardous waste by the EPA. Therefore, disposal should follow local regulations for non-hazardous materials. A simple rule to follow is to dispose under the same parameters as antifreeze.

Are Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and toxicology data available for the UltraBurn® Catalyst?

Emissions Technology maintains an MSDS for each product. In addition, NIOSH publishes toxicology profiles for certain chemicals. MSDS reports are attached to all packing slips during shipping. For an electronic version, please contact Emissions Technology directly to obtain this report.

What are potential health threats due to  long-term exposure to the UltraBurn® Catalyst?

As shown on the MSDS, the individual components of the liquid product are of low toxicity. Furthermore, the liquid product is packaged in a sealed bottle designed for installation without contact with the liquid. Under normal use, installation does not require opening the bottle, therefore there is extremely low potential for exposure. Since health risk is a product of toxicity and exposure, the health risk of installing and using this product is extremely low, and much less than other engine fluids. To minimize health risk, please follow the handling precautions listed in the MSDS.

What happens if I forget to add the replenishment catalyst and run out of catalyst?

If a replacement bottle of catalyst is not connected, the engine will slowly go back to its original baseline levels of exhaust emissions, fuel consumption, oil contamination and horsepower. This will not cause any harm to the engine, but the benefits that resulted from the catalyst will eventually be gone. Once a replacement bottle is installed, the engine will revert back to the previous benefit levels achieved. Maximum benefits are achieved if the catalyst is replenished once the catalyst level in the bottle reaches the replacement line.

Where can I buy an UltraBurn® Combustion Catalyst System?

The CCS systems are sold through authorized dealers. To find a dealer in your area, please click here. You can also contact the corporate office to speak with a sales rep.