UltraBurn Impacts Bottom Line with Significant Fuel Savings

DI-111 / D-112 High Volume Direct Injection System

UltraBurn® Combustion Catalyst Systems can reduce fuel consumption by up to 20%. The system has installed on hundreds of engines in many applications since its commercial introduction. Many of these customers have chosen to conduct their own before/after evaluations prior to full fleet rollout. Emissions Technology, Inc (ETI) has also been directly involved in many of these qualifications as well as its own sponsored laboratory controlled testing. ... Read More

UltraBurn Reduces Diesel Engine Torsional Vibration


Because UltraBurn® allows engines to run cleaner and combust fuel more completely, torsional vibration can be reduced. This means less wear on vital engine parts like main bearings and rod bearings. UltraBurn® has also been shown to reduce lubricant “soot”. It has been reported that service technicians who pulled cylinder heads for routine maintenance were amazed at how clean the internal surfaces were.  Read More

Improved Combustion Efficiency Lowers Diesel Emissions


More thorough combustion results in dramatically lower diesel particulate matter (DPM) of which black smoke is the visible component.  Opacity reductions of 40% to 70% have been measured as a direct result of the use of UltraBurn®. Significant reductions in carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides and hydrocarbon levels have also been measured.  Actual results from an UltraBurn® customer are demonstrated in this before/after image. The picture on the... Read More