Direct Injection (DI) Systems

DI-111 / D-211 High Volume Direct Injection System

Serving all off-road diesel engines from 1,000 HP to 15,000 HP

For larger engines, the Direct Injection (DI) System converts liquid UltraBurn® Catalyst into an aerosol using proprietary and patented technology. DI Systems are ideal for locomotive engines, marine vessels, large military vehicles, mining haul trucks, and mid-sized power plants. Systems must be sized and installed by factory-trained Emissions Technology technicians. Once catalyst is depleted, refills are ordered through Emissions Technology and Emissions Technology dealers. For pricing information, please contact us.

Product Features:

  • 12 or 36 VDC Operation
  • From 50 GPH to 600 GPH Fuel Usage Capacity per Unit
  • Weather & Shock Resistant Case (NEMA rated)
  • One Year Full Warranty on Delivery System





DI-111 / DI-211 Greater than 1,000 HP to 15,000 HP
(50 to 600 GPH)
Locomotives, Mining, Large Marine, Large Stationary Generators