About Us


Emissions Technology, Inc (ETI) began with a patented aerosol catalyst and injection system developed by ETI that targeted small and medium sized industrial engines up to 1,000 HP.  Commercial results have shown that operators can obtain fuel savings up to 20% with a significant reduction in toxic emissions and black smoke.

In 2010, ETI was accepted by the Houston Technology Center into their Client Program and ETI initiated a new direct sales growth plan targeting large fleet customers, principally in the marine, cargo handling, oil & gas, and mining markets. The UltraBurn® brand name was adopted and trademarked in early 2010 and ETI developed, patented, and commercially deployed a second delivery system along with new catalyst formulations designed for large diesel engines up to 15,000 HP.


Emissions Technology, Inc. is dedicated to the development, manufacture and, along with its dealers, the sale of  this innovative technology that helps diesel equipment operators reduce fuel costs and lower harmful emissions.